How do you maintain a teapot?

1. Wash the teapot without soap

To clean your pottery teapot, the best way to do so is to rinse it with hot water. Because of its flavor-absorbing properties, it is better to avoid soap altogether. Soap counteracts the flavor retaining of the pot. But what about stains? Fortunately, a pottery teapot pot with more stains tends to represent age and rarity. Teas that are brewed in older pottery teapot have more flavor and more aroma. For the other type of teapots, you can wash with soap to avoid developing stains, especially with glass pots. 

2. Pour warm water in the teapot before usage

This is an essential tip in taking care of your teapot, especially if you live in a location with a colder climate. Before pouring hot water altogether, slowly pour lukewarm water inside the pot. This is to avoid the cracks that usually formed because of instant change in temperature. This tip is applicable for pottery and ceramic pots.

3. Make sure the inside and outside is dry

Before storing your pot, make sure that all the nooks and crannies are dry. Separate the pot from its lid when storing the items and place it upside down to let the air dry the insides. If the pot is not cleaned and dried correctly, there would be a moldy or musty smell that will ruin your next brew. If a mold growing in your pottery teapot, boil it with water and use baking soda to get rid of the smell.

4. Use soft cloth instead of a sponge when cleaning

For delicate pots, make sure to handle your wares gently. Instead of using a sponge or any abrasive cleaning materials, use a soft cloth, and gently apply pressure. Because pottery teapot is not like a food container, it has no oily ingredients. Air-drying is preferred because it reduces the damage done from cleaning.

5. Let the pot rest before using again

Instead of using a teapot every single day of the week, it is recommended to let the pot rest. This way, the pot would have an easier time absorbing the flavor for the next usage. Store it in a well-ventilated place shielded with soot and dust. If you make multiple kinds of tea at home, get a separate pot to avoid mixing of flavor.

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