Why should you never wash a teapot?

Tea lovers all over the world cherish their teapots for the unique flavor and character they impart to each cup of tea. Many believe that a well-seasoned teapot, one that has been used and cared for over time, enhances the tea drinking experience. So, why should you never wash a teapot?

The answer lies in the concept of "seasoning" or "cultivating" a teapot. When you use a teapot regularly, the porous surface of the pot absorbs tea oils and residues, which coat the inner walls and gradually build up a patina. This patina, prized by tea enthusiasts, adds richness and complexity to the flavor of the tea as it is poured through the pot.

Washing a teapot with detergent or abrasive cleansers can strip away this hard-earned patina, essentially erasing the teapot's "memory" and resetting its flavor profile. Instead of washing, it is recommended to rinse the pot with hot water after each use, scraping away any remaining tea leaves with a soft sponge. This method cleans the pot without damaging the seasoning.

Over time, a well-cultivated teapot will develop a deep, mellow flavor that enhances the taste of the tea, making each brew unique and special. This is why many tea lovers cherish their pots and pass them down as heirlooms, preserving not only the vessel but the memories and experiences it has collected over years of shared tea moments.

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